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About us

Our story began in early 2020, where our founding members wanted to catalyse digital transformation in SMEs on the high street. Our founding members are not technologists but small business owners themselves, who understand the high street and its needs. Large franchises and businesses have the resources and means to digitalise their services but small business often do not. TENNER was founded to help small businesses leverage the power of digitisation in their business with minimal resources and risk.

Being in the middle of a pandemic, and seeing the call from SMEs who need extra resources to cover extra administrative and operational requirements, TENNER developed its first digital tool, a COVID check-in app for small businesses. 

Digital tools to run your business more effectively.

Our mission

TENNER’s mission is to introduce simple and direct help to SMEs. We acknowledge that SMEs often struggle to find resources and sometimes lack confidence in any digital transformation. TENNER product design aims to bring the advantages of digital transformation into their business with little financial and resource commitments. 

TENNER is named after our commitment to provide affordable digital tools for SMEs at £10 per month. There is no other capital required. TENNER strives to encourage more SMEs to engage in digital transformation, especially for businesses who are keen to take their first step towards digital efficiency and service level improvement. 

Helping SMEs leverage the power of technology.


SL Wong

Experienced director in business development.

Helena Wiltshire

Goal-oriented project lead passionate about team success.

Yiming Zhu

Focused on improving clients' operational efficiency

Keith Au

Has pride on perfect record in clients satisfaction

Dr. Kwok

Dr. Chris Kwok

Loves to work with the tertiary sector.

Matthew Norman - Director at TENNER Limited

Matt Norman

Passionate about digital transformation.

Sean Riddell

Continuously upgrading my software skills for the team

Stephen Poon

The sky is my limit.


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