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No more crowds round the bar, earn loyalty treats.

At Tenner, we make digital tools to support your business. Using these tools will result in great customer experiences and maximum staff efficiency.

By using our easy to use, browser-based apps, you can improve crowd control, up visitor comfort, and reward customer loyalty at your venue.

QuickServe™ is a great mobile solution to manage people ordering their food and drink.


StampIt™ is a paperless loyalty system which uses previous purchase records to reward your customer.

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Bar Area

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With QuickServe™, customers will have their digital tickets appear on their phone. The app will alert them when their turn is approaching fast. There is no need to line up so they can pick their spot to wait anywhere and continue to enjoy their leisure time to chat with friends and family. Your staff will no longer be facing pressure rushing to serve a customer crowd at any time. All services are conducted in an orderly manner.

And having an easy system to reward loyalty like StampIt™ means bringing an extra layer of service attraction to your customers. They will remember your generosity and treasure the treat which they have earned.

Adding to your great services using QuickServe™ and StampIt™ will create more talking points, and lead to better connected customers.

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Make Service and Loyalty Easy with TENNER

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