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At Tenner, we make digital tools to support your business, resulting in great customer experiences and maximum staff efficiency.

By using our easy to use, browser-based app, you can improve response time, up visitor comfort, and provide a peaceful environment for your staff to work to their best ability.

QueueUp™ is our virtual queueing system, allowing customers to queue for your services remotely, and frees them up to spend their waiting time anywhere they need to be.

QueueUp™ makes service provision to the public easy

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Visitors who arrive at a premises no longer need to line up behind barriers, ropes or stands.

Digital tickets are issued on mobiles so visitors can clearly see their position in the queues. Alert messages will be sent to their mobile when it is almost their turn. Visitors are also given the option to defer their queue position if they are not quite ready.

Once the app is started in the morning, it will run through the day with no intervention or input from the staff. QueueUp™ is an automated system which improves your standard of services, and will substantially save manpower, and virtually line up your visitors from the moment they arrive.

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