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A relaxed store experience with more time to browse

At Tenner, we make digital tools to support your business, resulting in great customer experiences and maximum staff efficiency.

By using our easy to use, browser-based app, you can foster a calmer store environment, keep your customers happy, and allow them more time to browse your products.

QuickServe™ is our browser-based intelligent virtual queue system which keeps customers informed of their place in line so they can spend their waiting time wherever they want.

A virtual queue for a relaxed shopping experience

Department Stores


Clothing Shops

Charity/Vintage Shops

Customer fitting room times average between 5 to 10 minutes. Quite often, customers get annoyed when the wait is over 15 minutes, which may lose you sales and customers. It is also 15 minutes less time for a customer to view your products.

With our app, shoppers receive digital tickets on their phone which clearly show their position in the queues. When their turn is next, they receive a call forward message on their mobile phone. If they are busy browsing another product, they are free to defer their queueing position to later without the need to re-join at the back of the queue.

QuickServe™ for Fitting Rooms provides certainty and convenience for shoppers, and streamlines your sales process.

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Make Queueing Easy with TENNER

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