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Efficiency and ease for food and refreshment stalls

At TENNER, we make digital tools to support your business, resulting in great customer experiences and maximum staff efficiency.

By using our easy to use browser-based apps, you can serve customers efficiently, keep your customers informed, provide better crowd control and staff can work with fewer interruptions.

QuickServe™ allows diners to join order queues simultaneously for cuisines of their choices.

CollectNow™ allows food caterers send out ‘ready-to-collect’ message to diners when meal orders are prepared.

Simple virtual queue and collection for your diners

QuickServe™ is a ‘parallel-ticketing’ system. The customer scans the QR code and is free to join one or more food outlet queues to order their food. The corresponding digital queue tickets will be sent to the diner’s mobile phone.

When the respective food stall counter presses the <Next Customer> button on their tablet, their next in line customer will receive a call forward message from them. Diners will then place their food order and get their choice of food.

For specially prepared dishes, CollectNow™ will send messages to the diners when their food orders are ready to be collected. This will save all expenses associated with electronic beepers, and makes the entire food court system completely automated and paperless.

Quick and easy to use

Make Queueing Easy with TENNER

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