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At Tenner, we create digital tools to support your business. These tools provide greater customer experiences and maximum staff efficiency.

Using our easy to use, browser-based app, you can keep your customers informed, leaving you to tend to your customers’ goods with optimal care and efficiency and fewer interruptions.

CollectNow™ is our intelligent messaging system which will keep your customers informed from beginning to completion of the repairs and alterations.

Simple communication to your clients

Vehicle Servicing

Clothing Alterations

Electronic Repair

Dry Cleaning

Certainty– Customers will not be disappointed when they come to pick up their items. No more being sent away or confusion, resulting in better customer experience.

Connecting– Give your clients peace of mind by proactively pushing out simple messages to your customers to keep them informed of the progress of your repairs and alterations. These messages help to calm customers even in the case of delays.

Efficiency– Your staff will no longer lose time answering customer phone calls and sifting through folders to provide progress reports. The status of the service is available by pressing a few buttons.

Quick and easy to use

Make Servicing Easy with TENNER

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