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No time wasted standing in queues More time for fun rides and refreshments

At Tenner, we create digital tools for theme parks and funfairs to improve customer experience, reduce waiting and maximise entertainment.

Our easy to use, browser-based app provides better crowd control at by placing customers in virtual queues for their favourite rides and attractions. While customers wait for their favourite rides, they can fill their time gaps by joining shorter rides. This also means more time for refreshments, increasing revenues.

QueueUp™ is an amazing app where your visitors can now queue up orderly and remotely. Fun riders and vulnerable people will not need to expose themselves to waiting under extreme weather conditions

A fun and relaxed day out


Ferris Wheel


Water Rides

Bumper Cars

How amazing would it be for customers if they could display their queue tickets on their mobiles and not have to stand in the queues. How much better would it be if these customers also had options to join many queues simultaneously.

QueueUp™ sends live updates to queueing visitors. Queue status and information are displayed showing exact waiting times for their rides. Call forward alert messages are sent in good time to alert the visitors when to return to their rides.

Visitors will enjoy a super day at the theme park. As a result of your theme park providing a stress free and fun filled experience, more people will return and spread the word about their experience.


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Make Queueing easy with TENNER

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