Configure the following options specific to your barbershop’s needs.

Call time

As mentioned under Active queues, customers are automatically called forward based on the estimated amount of time needed to complete a haircut to efficiently manage the queue. For example, if your barbers typically take 20 minutes on average, customers will be called forward every 20 minutes. However, the customer being called forward will need time to proceed to your shop. As a result, if customers need 5 minutes to arrive, your chair will be empty for 5 minutes between cuts. To avoid this, the lag time can be configured by inputting the estimated call time minutes. Going back to the previous example, if you set the call time to be 5 minutes, the next customer will be called forward 15 minutes into the current haircut. When they arrive, the current customer should be finished and the next customer will be ready to be served; eliminating lag times and resulting in constantly filled chairs. Call times can be changed at any time to the current day’s needs. To implement the change, click the Apply button.

Time till auto-defer

Your customers are busy people and may forget to respond. To maximise your valuable time, set the number of minutes before the customer is automatically deferred after they have been called forward without a response. This way, you will be able to serve the next available customer and the customer being deferred will have extra time to finish what they are currently doing. Auto-defer times can be changed at any time to the current day’s tolerances. For example, busier days may not be able to tolerate longer auto-defer times as slower days. To implement your change, click the Apply button.

End of day tolerance

To help barbers satisfy customer needs and get home on time at the end of the day, you can set an end of day tolerance for the number of customers they can accept after their shift is over. This will result in meeting the needs of latecomers and barbers will still manage to end their shift relatively on time. The number of end of day tolerance can be changed at any time. To implement the change, click the Apply button.

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