Active queues

For active queues, you can view how many visitors are in the queue, who is currently being served, and the position of every person afterwards. To manage the queue efficiently, clients are automatically called forward based on the estimated time it takes to serve a client. Thus, barbers do not have to waste time to call customers forward in-between cuts. To pause the automatic call forward feature for whatever reason, simply click the pause button. When you’re ready to resume, click the play button.

Whether the queue has the automatic call forward button on or off, the barber will still have the option to call forward the next visitor by selecting the Next visitor button. This is useful when the haircut is finished earlier than expected to avoid idle time.

In addition, barbers have the option to call forward, accept, defer, or remove anyone in the queue. Simply hover over the client’s name to be presented with the additional options. If the client is in the queue, you will only be able to call them forward or remove them from the queue.

If the client is called forward, you will be able to accept, defer, or remove them.

Call forward

To call forward the next person in the queue, click the Call forward button or click the Next visitor button. Then, the next person will be notified to accept or defer their position.


To accept a customer from the queue, click the Accept button. By doing this, you are confirming the customer will make their way to the barbershop and receive a haircut.


To defer a customer from the queue, click the Defer button. By doing this, you are switching the customer’s position with the next customer in line.


To remove a user from the queue, click the Remove button. This action is permanent and cannot be undone

Inactive queues

Inactive queues are greyed out with the heading “QUEUE IS CLOSED”. This happens when the queue is not in operating hours or the barber is taking a break. The queue will become active again during its designated operating hours or when the barber becomes available.


Barbers have the option to transfer individuals from one queue to another. To begin a transfer, click the Transfer button located at the top centre of the page.

Select the individual to be transferred and drag them to the desired queue and position in the queue. When you are satisfied with your changes, click Done.

Add visitor

To add a visitor to the queue, click the Add visitor button.

A pop-up will appear to request for the visitor’s name, mobile number, and which queue to insert them into. These details are needed to label the customer, contact them when they are ready to be served, and join a queue. However, you may still add a visitor without providing a mobile number but they will not be notified if they are called forward. To proceed, ignore the alert by clicking Add visitor anyway.

After successfully adding a visitor to the queue, their name will appear on the selected queue along with their position number.

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