Visitors perspective

Click the Configure button to get started.

Your QR code

This is what your visitors scan to join your queue. To edit your QR code, click the Edit button under this section. When editing, you can input the name you’d like to appear on your QR code before printing or displaying on other digital platforms. Click Done to save your changes.

To print your QR code, click the Print button under this section and follow your device’s printing instructions.

Example of a QR code print out

Your landing page

This is the conversational UI the visitor will interact with to join a queue or inquire additional information about your business. To edit your landing page, click the Edit button under this section. After you’ve completed editing, you can preview the landing page by clicking the Preview button under this section to open up your landing page and test it out.

Example of a venue landing page

Company logo

Upload your desired company logo that will appear at the top of your landing page.


Page title

Give your landing page a title. This will appear at the top of your landing page so your customers know who they’re talking to. We suggest using your barbershop name.


Greeting message

Personalize your landing page’s greeting message. This message will be sent to your visitor when they first land on your landing page after scanning your QR code. We recommend greeting your visitors and explaining that you are operating a virtual queue.


Call visitor message

Customize how you want your visitors to be called forward. If you choose to customize this message, we recommend asking them to come forward and telling them they can defer one position if they are not quite ready.


Accept message

This message will be sent to the visitor when they accept the call forward. We recommend including any instructions they need when arriving.


Full message

If your queue is full, this will be the message sent to the visitor. We recommend explaining how else the visitor can receive your services.


Transfer message

If you transfer your visitor from one queue to another, they will receive this message. The TENNER Agent will inform them of the details of the transfer so you only need to give a general explanation message here.


Queue closed message

If your queues are unavailable, this message will be sent to the user after they scan your QR code and land on your landing page. We recommend sharing with the user when the queue will be available next.

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