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Screenings are a powerful way to improve check-in times, reduce queues and gather visitor information.

When a visitor lands on your landing page, either through scanning the QR code or following your landing page link, the TENNER Agent will greet the visitor and request permission to run a screening.

Screening builder

In the TENNER portal, navigate to the page called ‘Screening builder’. From there you can build and preview your ‘screening dialogue script’. This is the script your TENNER Agent will follow when conducting a screening with a visitor. There are a number of predefined screening questions that have been categorised and can be found under their respective categories in the section titled ‘Dialogue configuration’. Clicking on a category will reveal its contained questions. Checking the ‘include checkbox’ on the right-hand side of a question will include it in your ‘screening dialogue script’. Unchecked questions will be excluded.

The ability to change the wording of a question is coming soon.

Click ‘preview’ to preview your screening dialogue questions and the screening dialogue script will change to show a preview of your new script. On the left-hand side will be the questions the TENNER Agent will ask your visitor and on the right-hand side will be the expected answer, either a Yes/No or a text input.

Click save to apply the changes to your screening. Your TENNER Agent will be updated automatically.

Important – updating your screening agent will change what information is being recorded by TENNER. These changes will affect your visitation reports and register so we strongly advise against updating your screening dialogue script during the opening hours of your venue, unless absolutely necessary, to avoid inconsistencies in the screening data in your visitor reports and register during the opening hours of your venue in a given day. You should make the changes when your venue is not accepting visitors so that the new changes are applied at the beginning of your day for all new visitors. Screenings that have already been submitted when you update your screening dialogue script will be unaffected by the changes and will still be recorded using the screening dialogue script that was in use at the time the screening was submitted.

Testing your screening

You can test your screening agent on the ‘landing page’ page in the TENNER portal. A live preview can be found under the section titled ‘landing page preview’.

Screening your visitors

When visitors land on your landing page the TENNER agent will introduce itself and offer the visitor two options – Submit screening or Check-in.

After pressing ‘submit screening’ the TENNER Agent starts the screening by informing the visitor about the screening and asking for permission to proceed. If permission is denied by the visitor, the TENNER Agent informs the visitor that the screening is necessary and asks again if they’d like to proceed with the screening. If permission is denied for a second time the TENNER Agent will end the screening and flag the screening on the TENNER Portal.

If permission to proceed with the screening is granted, then the TENNER Agent will go ahead with the screening built in the screening builder.

Questions are not skippable and text inputs are checked to ensure that the answer is formatted correctly. For example, the TENNER Agent will only accept valid email addresses and will ask for the visitor to enter a valid email if one is not given.

Once all questions have been asked the TENNER Agent will present the visitors answers and ask the visitor if they’d like to make any corrections. The visitor can press the question name to change their answer or can press submit if no corrections are necessary.

After submission, the TENNER agent will check for any questions included under the ‘Health screening’ category. If any of the answers to the health questions are indicative of Covid-19, the TENNER Agent will flag the screening as “failed”. The TENNER Agent will discreetly inform the visitor that they were unable to pass the screening and that the venue they are submitting the screening to has been informed and will follow up. The failed screening will then appear on the TENNER portal. If the answers are not indicative of Covid-19, the TENNER Agent will inform the visitor that they have passed the screening and give them a unique screening reference. The unique screening reference will also be emailed to the visitor via the email provided.

The user is then asked if they would like to check-in (if they’re at the venue) or whether they’d like to check-in later (if they’re not at the venue).


Screening references

If a visitor checks in on a different device from the one they submitted the screening on, the TENNER Agent will not be able to automatically identify the visitor or their screening. In order to prevent the visitor from having to resubmit a screening, the visitor can use the screening reference they received when they submitted their screening to identify themselves and check in.


Screening visitors with appointments

Visitors will interact with your screening through the TENNER Agent on your landing page.

Screening visitors without appointments

Visitors without appointments can scan your QR code to be taken through the screening process on their smartphone.

Visitors without access to a computer or smartphone

The ability to submit screenings on behalf of the visitor is coming soon.

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