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COVID-19 Check-in Gates for Travellers and QR Codes

Recently, we attended an international conference related to Vaccine passports with six key speakers from Asia, Middle East, Europe, and North America.   

The emphasis was to introduce a certified health report for each traveller to allow airlines to ensure no carriers of COVID-19 are on board the flight.  The COVID-19 negative test reports would allow travellers entry through customs and immigration when they arrive at their destination, assuming a vaccinated traveller is not a COVID-19 carrier. 

Recently, in the UK, media and news channels are heavily discussing ‘vaccine passports’.  This is a great idea to protect the traveller from being seriously ill if they get infected with the virus abroad.

However, there is one gap remaining in that, a traveller who is protected by vaccination could still be a virus carrier.

The COVID-19 virus and its variants have created so many challenges that affect every human being.  Any gap, no matter how tiny, could allow the coronavirus to continue to cause waves of disruption to lives, in private and in businesses.

It is hard for authorities to get the infection rate down to zero with the pressure of allowing people to restore their desirable lifestyles.  Everyone should be taking responsibility and be part of procedures that follow hygienic and health guidelines to protect themselves and others.

On the bright side, the QR code scanning methods have enabled time effective, self-managed screening and check-in for the gates set up for travellers.  

Our company, TENNER Limited, are launching a series of digital tools, QR code APPs to help SMEs restore their business fast, and bring back confidence to the experiences and expectation for their customers.

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